Human Resources

Providing the working environment and satisfaction that the employees can develop themselves is the basic principle of the Human Resources Department. In this direction, World Art Textile offers a work environment that is based on mutual love, respect and trust that all of its employees can develop themselves in the professional field.

World Art Tekstil’s Reliability, Teamwork, Quality Orientation and Customer Satisfaction principles are at the forefront, with the knowledge, equipment and experience required by the business, openness to development, ethical values ​​adopted, profession and a dedicated staff.

Recruitment Process

During the recruitment process, the first interview is conducted by Human Resources, and the second interviews with the appropriate candidates and technical / occupational topics take place with the participation of the relevant managers. The recruitment process is completed by agreeing with the candidate who is positive and the result of the evaluations and reference studies made.

To take part in the growing and growing world art textile industry;

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